10 Side Hustles for Sketchnoters

It’s a story I’ve heard countless times.

Someone starts developing their sketchnoting skills, then begins to share their work online or with their colleagues, and this question comes their way:

“How much would you charge to sketchnote…?”

Maybe it’s for a presentation they’re working on, or an annual company event coming up, or an article they’re about to publish.

No matter the specific content and context, that question conveys the value of the skill of visualizing ideas, as well as the potential to turn that value into a source of income.

In the video above and visual summary below, I share a handful of sketchnoting side hustles that you might consider – services you can provide or products that you can create that can add a new source of revenue and help you build financial security.

A handful of side hustles that you might consider starting with your sketchnoting skills.

Here’s a brief description of each of those side hustles:

Freelance-Based Side Hustles

The freelance category involves you creating work for someone else and getting paid either by the hour or by the project.

Here are the types of freelance services you might consider offering.

Book Sketchnotes. Work with an author or publisher to summarize the key ideas of a book using sketchnotes. That could be chapter summaries or small sketchnote illustrations interspersed throughout the text.

Podcast Sketchnotes. Create single-page sketchnotes that serve as a visual form of shownotes for a podcast. That added visual artifact to an audio-only medium can help to spread the word and make each episode more impactful for listeners because of that summary of the takeaways.

Explainer Videos. Work with organizations or individuals who want to get their ideas out there as efficiently as possible. Set up a camera above your desk or record your screen as you go from a blank page to a full set of ideas conveyed in a visually engaging way. For more on what that process looks like, check out How to Make Sketchnote Videos.

Visual Presentations. Support speakers or workshop hosts by adding engaging and helpful visuals throughout their presentation, which makes the impact on the audience that much greater. Here’s a great example of that from Verbal to Visual member Miguel Cabral.

Event Sketchnotes. Attend live events and capture big ideas on poster paper (or tablet projected to screen) to support the retention and engagement of all of the attendees.

Product-Based Side Hustles

The product category involves you using your sketchnoting skills to create a product that others can purchase.

Here are some examples of the types of products you might make:

How-To Guides. What do you know how to do really well? Teach that skill to others with a step-by-step guide, using visuals along the way.

Online Courses: Take teaching to a deeper level by creating a full online course. I walk you through that process in Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes.

Patreon-Supported YouTube Channel: Create a YouTube channel around a topic that you’re interested in and make sketchnote videos sharing what you learn, then start a Patreon to support your work.

Prints. Spread messages that you find to be important with prints of your sketchnotes using a service like Society6.

Sketchnote Compilation. Have you been sketchnoting for a while now? Why not compile your favorites and share them in a book, like Eva-Lotta Lamm and Tanmay Vora have done!


Do any of those freelance opportunities or product ideas sound intriguing to you?

If so I think you’ll enjoy joining us for our upcoming course called Sketchnoting Side Hustle where we’ll dive deeper into this topic.

Join us for our new course!

Throughout the course I’ll help you pick a side hustle that’s well-suited to your skills and interests, and then get it off the ground so that you can start earning some income on the side!

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Hope to see you there!