7 Lessons Learned from 2021

I recently listened to the last episode of the year of the podcast The Future Belongs to Creators, a show from the email marketing service ConvertKit (which I use and have enjoyed for years).

In the video above and recap below I share some of the things that stood out to me from their conversation, and how I’m planning to apply the lessons shared to 2022.

The Sketchnotes

Here are the rough sketchnotes I took while listening:

The sketchnotes I took while listening the last episode of the year of the show The Future Belongs to Creators.

Here are a few of the lessons that I stood out to me:

  • Creativity fuels creativity. I’m finding that working large scale with a roll of poster paper on my desk is a great way to tap into that cycle.
  • Hobbies are important for your mental health. Throughout 2021 my hobbies were pretty much non-existent. In 2022 I’m hoping to join some local recreation sports leagues and get back into playing basketball and soccer.
  • If it’s possible to integrate rather than silo your different projects, do so. I think about this a lot in regards to what I do on YouTube compared to what goes on inside of Verbal to Visual. My hope is that they each to support each other.
  • Improvised work can sometimes have as much impact as drafted and polished work. I’m experimenting with this dynamic now. The video above is an example of that – rough sketchnotes and immediate reflections to tap into the energy I feel after listening to a new conversation.
  • Be careful not to overcommit. In the words on Ron Swanson, “Don’t half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.” This one’s an ongoing challenge for me. I’ve whittled down my commitments to YouTube, ongoing weekly events inside of Verbal to Visual, occasional new course development, and perhaps a freelance gig here and there. That’s plenty to keep me busy!
  • Have clear expectations around your work and your time. I’ve needed to remind myself of this one multiple times this past year as I’ve adjusted to parenthood.
  • Keep sowing positive seeds. One video at a time!

I hope to apply those ideas in the coming months, and beyond.

Do any of those lessons resonate with you right now?

Start Taking Visual Notes

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