A Few Updates

Here’s what’s going on at Verbal To Visual right now.

Update #1: New Sketchnoting in the Classroom Lessons

I just added four new lessons to the resource kit Sketchnoting in the Classroom, on these sketchnoting processes:

  • Timelines
  • Flowcharts
  • Brick Road Approach
  • Card By Card

If you’ve already picked up that resource kit, let me know what you think of those! If not but you want to learn more, check out the details of that resource kit here.

Update #2: Subject-Specific Lessons on the Way

The next set of lessons for Sketchnoting in the Classroom will focus on how to apply visual note-taking skills to specific subject areas. I’m in the middle of an end-of-year push to get those lessons out before the new year, so stay tuned!

Update #3: It’s Annual Review Time

We’re nearing the end of 2017! I’ve decided to wait until January of 2018 to conduct my annual review, but I’ve created a playlist of my past annual reviews in case you’d like to see some examples of how to put your sketchnoting skills to use as you reflect back on the past year and make some plans for the next!

Update #4: Verbal To Visual Games

Thanks for the positive feedback on the two visual thinking games that Austin and I played! Here’s the first and the second. What games should we play next? Leave a comment on this video on YouTube or Facebook to let us know!

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays. Till soon 🙂



Want To Dig Deeper?

If you’re new to the idea of sketchnoting and excited to develop more visual thinking tools, I think you’d enjoy our foundational course An Introduction To Visual Note-Taking.

If you’re an educator interested in bringing visual note-taking into your classroom, check out Sketchnoting In The Classroom.

If you’d like to use your sketchnoting skills to make engaging videos, we’ve got a course for that too! Check out How To Make Sketchnote Videos.

And if you want to create new personal and professional opportunities by sharing the authentic journey of your skill development online, check out Learn In Public.

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