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VTV 015 : A Framework For Evaluating Your Sketchnotes

In this episode of The Verbal To Visual Podcast I share some ideas about how to look back at past sketchnotes, critique them based on your own needs and purposes, and determine what specific skills you might want to develop next in order to take your sketchnotes to the next level.



Notes & Links

This podcast topic was sparked by the one-on-one sketchnoting instruction that I recently started offering. I told the story of how that one-on-one work came about in Episode 13 of the podcast.

Just last week on the podcast Nitya Wakhlu shared some great ideas about working with groups and focusing on the primary goal behind your sketchnotes and graphic recording.


1. Identify the purpose of your sketch. (Do this before sketchnoting if you can!)

2. After sketchnoting, look back at your sketch through the lens of your purpose. Does it meet your needs?

3. If you answered yes in Step 3, great! Go on and use those notes for whatever purpose they were made. If you answered no, ask why it didn’t, and use your response to determine what sketchnoting skill to develop next.

You are fully capable of going through those steps on your own, but if you’d like some outside perspective check out the details of one-on-one instruction in case you’d like to sign up.


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