A Mid-Year Tune Up - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #29

A Mid-Year Tune Up

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How often do you set intentions and goals (and maybe even concrete plans) at the beginning of the year, but then never look back to reflect on them? In this episode I revisit the annual review I conducted six months ago, and share what’s changed since then.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #29

Recorded on July 12th, 2019

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  • 0:42 – Let’s do a mid-year check-in!
  • 2:23 – Starting my mid-year check-in by looking back at a Verbal to Visual video I made at the beginning of the year: Sketchnoting My Annual Review. Jonathan Fields’s three buckets: contribution, connection, and vitality.
  • 3:22 – How my connection bucket looks mid-year. I’m getting married and we got a dog!
  • 5:43 – How my vitality bucket looks: sticking with all three things I identified at the beginning of the year.
  • 6:13 – Let’s transition to the contribution bucket. First up: some updates to what I’ve doing with the public videos I share at Verbal to Visual. From “How to __” and “Sketchnotes of ___” to documenting sketchnoting projects in a more informal and regular way. Here’s my process for making the “How to ___” videos: Whiteboard Animation Workflow. Here are the first few experiments with the documentation style of video: New Sketchnoting Gear & Guides, iPad Sketchnoting: Creating Featured Images.
  • 9:25 – Why I’m recording this show on video now too! (See below)
  • 11:31 – My new approach with Verbal to Visual videos: documenting over creating. Very much influenced by the work of Gary Vaynerchuk: Document, Don’t Create.
  • 14:31 – Looking back at my plan to improve the resources that I’ve already made (the set of courses at Verbal to Visual).
  • 19:29 – How this podcast has evolved since the start of the year.
  • 24:24 – Wrapping it up for the week!

The Video Version

I just launched a YouTube channel for the show! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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