A Sequential Sketchnoting Template - Verbal To Visual - Layout

A Sequential Sketchnoting Template

This post is part of a series on laying out the page in a way that benefits your visual note taking. See the full series here.

In the first post in this series I shared a sketchnoting template that gives equal weight to words and visuals.

In this post I’d like to share another template, one characterized not by the verbal/visual balance but by the nature of the information you are sketching.

Here is a timeline-based template that is suited for information that is sequential in nature – stories, historical events, and linear processes:

Sequential Sketchnoting Template - Verbal To Visual

Each of the boxes connected by arrows can be used for a particular chunk of the story or process.

The row in between is designed as a catch-all space for additional notes that don’t fit (physically or conceptually) within the timeline-based boxes.

Though this template is more structured in nature and therefore less organic than others, you might findĀ  it useful for certain types of information that you’re sketching out.

Feel free to grab a PDF version of this template, print it out, use it for some note taking, and then let me know what you think of it.

Good luck and happy sketching!


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