Adding a Layer to Your Creative Career - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #16

Adding a Layer to Your Creative Career

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How to weave a new creative project into a career already in motion.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #16

Recorded on April 9th, 2019

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The Two Scenarios

0:34 – 3:16

A bit of context-setting to describe a few different situations that you might find yourself in right now.

  • Scenario #1: day job and building a creative career on the side.
  • Scenario #2: already engaged in a creative career you enjoy, but still feel a side project calling out to you.
  • I’m in the second one, with Verbal To Visual (and this podcast!) as the core of my creative career that I want to keep in place.

The Long-Term Vision

3:16 – 8:53

Zooming out to look at the long-term vision that you have for the new layer you’d like to add to your creative career.

  • The skill at the core of my new layer: writing. I’ll probably be making that more of a focus in new sketchnotes that I share, like these of Neil Gaiman’s conversation with Tim Ferriss.
  • What I’m creating: essays. I enjoy the style I’ve been reading in the book Essays of E.B. White, and will likely emulate it.
  • What I’m building up to: publishing a book of collected essays.

The Short-Term Plan

8:53 – 15:35

Zooming in as you make some short-term plans that will help you weave into your days the work on this new layer.

  • This back-and-forth of zooming out and zooming in is a part of my daily journaling process as well.
  • My weekday approach: one short writing session at the end of the day. Back when my day job was substitute teaching I put the new layer early each morning – an hour of work building my sketchnoting skills, which I documented over at The Graphic Recorder.
  • My weekend approach: optional writing sessions as opportunities present themselves.
  • The tool that’s helping me to write more often: Scrivener. I even do some writing while walking (safely, I assure you), tapping into some of nature’s creative fuel.

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