An Introduction To Visual Note-Taking

Tap into the power of your visual brain.

Reconnect to making marks by hand as you learn to use text, layout, imagery, and color within your notes to engage your visual brain and reach your full creative and professional potential.

Illustrated Instructional Videos

With each video lesson you’ll not only learn about visual note-taking, you’ll get to see it in action:

Module 1:

An overview of the classroom and the philosophy that guides it.

Module 1: Course Overview

1.1 Course Overview (3:56)
1.2 A Goal-Oriented Learning Framework (3:35)
1.3 The Verbal To Visual Mindset (6:12)
1.4 Materials: Getting Started (7:18)

Module 2:

Techniques for writing text in a visual way.

Module 2: Text

2.1 Text Turned Visual (3:59)
2.2 Developing Custom Fonts (4:54)
2.3 An Introduction To Handlettering (4:15)

Module 3:

How to tap into your built-in spatial reasoning skills.

Module 3: Layout

3.1 Layout Overview (5:01)
3.2 How To Separate & Connect Ideas (5:20)
3.3 A Structured Approach To Layout (5:44)
3.4 An Organic Approach To Layout (3:33)
3.5 Layout & The Verbal To Visual Mindset (3:49)

Module 4:

Develop basic drawing skills to access your visual brain.

Module 4: Imagery

4.1 The Power Of Imagery (8:06)
4.2 How To Build Your Visual Vocabulary (5:02)
4.3 How To Draw People & Faces (7:14)
4.4 Build A Scene, Make A World (6:18)
4.5 Imagery & The Verbal To Visual Mindset (4:55)

Module 5:

Add more visual engagement and meaning to your notes.

Module 5: Color

5.1 Why Add Color To Your Notes? (4:33)
5.2 How To Add Color To Your Notes (4:01)
5.3 Colorful Examples (5:41)
5.4 Mapping Materials To Process (3:47)

Module 6:

How to use visual note-taking as a learning tool.

Module 6: Learn

6.1 Learn With Visual Notes (5:52)
6.2 Learning Environments & Processes (6:30)
6.3 The One-Page Process Summary For Learning (3:21)

Module 7:
Solve Problems

Use visual notes to tackle the challenges you face in your professional and personal life.

Module 7: Solve Problems

7.1 Solve Problems With Visual Notes (5:06)
7.2 Problem-Solving Example: Habit Change (5:44)
7.3 The One-Page Process Summary For Problem Solving (4:09)

Module 8:
Share Ideas

Merge the verbal with the visual to become a better sharer of ideas.

Module 8: Share Ideas

8.1 Idea-Sharing Principles (4:54)
8.2 Sharing Ideas Visually (4:34)
8.3 Example + Deconstruct: A High School Chat (18:42)
8.4 The One-Page Process Summary For Ideas Sharing (2:38)

Module 9:

A look back for perspective and a look forward to keep building.

Module 9: Onward

9.1 Where We’ve Been (4:51)
9.2 How To Continue Building (5:55)
9.3 Where We’re Going (4:56)

Actionable Resources

Following each video lesson you’ll get the opportunity to put into practice what you just learned with these actionable resources:


A Personal Learning Plan to help you take action after each video lesson.


A 100%-sketched set of 128 skill-building activities, all of which are designed to help you develop the skills you need to become a proficient visual note-taker.


A set of ready-to-use hand-sketched icons (in PNG and SVG format) plus an actionable guide that will walk you through the steps of building you own personalized visual vocabulary.

Your Instructor

My name is Doug Neill, and here’s a bit of my background:

What Current Classroom Members Are Saying

Here’s what current classroom members are saying about their experience:

Melaine D’Cruze
"This classroom is not a place where people come, work through a few modules, and then leave. It has become a community of practitioners. Doug has provided a venue for learning, making mistakes, sharing ideas, exploring and implementing visual note-taking in my daily life."

Dominic Spachmann
"I really like Doug's visual note-taking style. I decided to be part of The Verbal To Visual Classroom so that I could learn to integrate visual note-taking into my everyday life. After working through the modules and spending time with Doug's work I am already seeing that happen. I've started to use visual notes every day - to focus my thoughts, to structure and explain ideas to others, and to solve problems in my job."

Kathrin Kienel-Mayer
"I very much like the way Doug runs this classroom. I enjoy every minute I spend watching his videos, trying out the activities, and following the links and ideas that classmates propose. It's really great!"

Jacopo Sacquegno
"This classroom is helping me to take steps in the right direction while honing my sketchnoting skills and using them to achieve my goals."

Course Overview

Ready to start learning? Here’s a recap of what you’ll find within this course:

  • 9 Modules of Illustrated Video Lessons

    See visual thinking in practice while you learn the fundamentals.

  • Personal Learning Plan

    Take action after each lesson as you develop your own personalized visual note-taking style.

  • The Verbal To Visual Notebook

    Build your skills with these interactive and engaging activities.

  • Visual Vocabulary Pack

    Use this pack to start building your own visual vocabulary.

One-Time Fee For Lifetime Access

Once you pick up this course you’ll have lifetime access to all current and future resources contained within it.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be able to experience this course from the inside to see whether or not it’s a good fit for you. With that in mind, if you’re not satisfied with what you see after your first 30 days, I’d be happy to return your money.

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