“Antiracist” Defined with a Diagram

With racial inequity and injustice staring us in the face, I’m trying to move from saying I will learn more and do better to showing what I’m learning and what I’m doing about it.

A good starting point for me has been Ibram X. Kendi‘s book How to Be an Antiracist.

In the video above I sketch out some helpful definitions from the first chapter of the book.

Here’s how they all come together:

A diagram definining racist and antiracist policy in the face of racial inequity.


I’ve always considered sketchnoting to be a superpower.

It’s a creative skill that helps us to process new ideas and share those ideas with others.

I encourage you to not shy away from difficult ideas and the uncomfortable feelings and conversations that might crop up as a result.

Let sketchnoting be a gateway to deeper understanding and a bridge between ideas and action.

These are the ideas that I’m finding to be the most important to engage with right now: An Antiracist Reading List.