The Verbal To Visual Classroom - Module Structure - Doug Neill - visual note-taking, sketchnoting, doodling

Breaking It Down: The Module Structure Of The Verbal To Visual Classroom

The progress continues.

I’ve got another piece in place for The Verbal To Visual Classroom: the overall structure of each module.

The Verbal To Visual Classroom - Module Structure - Doug Neill - visual note-taking, sketchnoting, doodlingFrom the beginning, I’ve had the thought of encapsulating the big picture of each of the nine modules within a one-page sketch.

I still plan to do that, but I also want to be able to zoom in on some of the elements within that big picture – to do some deep dives into specific topics.

So I’ll start each module with an illustrated and narrated video giving you an overview of the topic that that module focuses on.

Then I’ll jump into as many of those deep dives as needed to elaborate on important components and then provide learning activities so that you can build the skills you need and start applying them right away.

Each module will end with an ever-growing list of extras – links and other goodies related to the content of that module: interesting videos and podcasts, useful websites and books, and any other materials for those who want to explore that topic in more depth.

Finally (and this might be the most exciting), each module will have its own dedicated forum where you as a student will be able to ask questions of each other, share your work, and engage in conversations with others in the class.

I think that interaction with others will be a huge source of knowledge and inspiration, and I’m excited to see what will organically grow out of those conversations.

Those are the bounds of each module. Now it’s time go fill them.

Classroom doors open in just over a month!

Sig up for the course here, and let me know what you think of this module breakdown.


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