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Bringing Sketchnoting Into The High School Classroom

Despite the fact that students enter high school with pre-conceived ideas about their own drawing skills and the role of drawing in school, teachers have an opportunity to help those students build skills that will be helpful to them in the future.

From my experience, visual thinking skills are some of the most transferable skills that I’ve ever developed. And I’ve spent enough time chatting with others in a variety of professions and personal situations that have found the same to be true.

In this video I share the roadblocks you’ll have to work through as a high school teacher bringing sketchnoting into your classroom, along with some suggestions for how to build sketchnoting skills into whatever course you’re teaching.

Bringing Sketchnoting Into The High School Classroom Full - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill

What else would you do to introduce sketchnoting to high school students and help them to build their skills?

[April 2017 Update: I’m now building a resource kit called Sketchnoting In The Classroom for educators who want to help their students develop visual note-taking skills!]


Want To Dig Deeper?

If you’re new to the idea of sketchnoting and excited to develop more visual thinking tools, I think you’d enjoy our foundational course An Introduction To Visual Note-Taking.

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