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The Thing About Sketchnoters

Sketchnote Enthusiasts - Build an online course with sketchnotes, verbal to visual, doug neill

Here’s something that I’ve noticed about the people who become enthusiastic about sketchnoting:

  • Lifelong Learners & Makers

    They're eager to continue building their visual thinking skills and use those skills in new ways.

  • Skills & Experience

    They've already got experience and skills in some other field.

  • Passion

    They're passionate about the work they do in that field and the impact that it has on the world.

  • Generosity

    They want to share that passion with others.

What I'm presenting here is an opportunity for you to bring all of those things together to create an engaging and transformative online course that others will benefit from.

How Sketchnotes Can Help

How To Use Sketchnoting - Build an online course with sketchnotes, verbal to visual, doug neill

Here’s how sketchnoting will help you throughout the process of building an online course:

  • Course Development

    Use sketchnotes to help research, plan, and create buzz about your course by sharing your work as you go.

  • Lesson Delivery

    Create visual hooks within your lessons to more efficiently and effectively share your ideas.

  • Student Action

    Create engaging printable activities to anchor the actions that you encourage your students to take.

Course Preview

Watch the first lesson of the course.

Bonus Workshops

In addition to all of the course materials described above, you'll also get access to the replays of these live workshops:

Turning a Live Workshop into an Evergreen Course

In this webinar I share my process for reworking the live webinar workshop version of a course (Digital Sketchnoting) and turning that experience into stand-alone video lessons as the final version of the course.

Design a Transformative Workshop

Bring your interests and expertise to the table as we walk through the process of designing a workshop, using sketchnotes to create engaging instruction and activities for your participants.

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Mindy Rowley
I am loving Verbal to Visual! It's been like a gift from heaven to me. I'm currently taking Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes. It's really helped me organize my jumbled thoughts. I've been trying to create this course for two years now, and hired expensive coaches, and so far this is the first course that seems to be structured and explained in a way that works for my brain. Thank you for the hard work you put into creating this!