Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes: An Update

At the beginning of this year I started developing a new resource: Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes.

I wanted to make something that will help people merge their personal or professional interests with their sketchnoting skills to create a learning resource for others.

Today I would like to share an update on how that resource is coming together.

What’s This Resource All About?

First up, what is this thing that I’ve been working on all year?

I’m building this resource to help you go all the way from a course idea to the full delivery of that course, using sketchnotes to make the process (and the end product) more effective.

What I’m hoping to do with this resource is help you go all the way from a course idea to the full delivery of that course.

Throughout that entire process I share the role that sketchnotes can play, first in the planning and the development of your course, then in the creation of the instructional materials, and finally in the publishing and promoting of the thing that you’ve made.

There are many steps to that whole process, many challenges that you’ll encounter along the way, and what I want to do is help you move through those steps and address those challenges one at a time, at your own pace, so that rather than being stuck with just an idea for a learning resource that you’d like to make, you can instead take those steps to make a course that you’re proud of, a course that has a positive impact on those you hope to serve.

With that as the idea behind this resource, let me next address the question of where we are now, what we’ve made to date.

Where We Are Now

I approached the development of this resource a little bit differently than the past courses that I’ve created here at Verbal To Visual.

I really enjoyed the process of developing this resource in a live workshop format with three friends of mine. Huge thanks to Joy, Raven, and Paul for participating!

For this course, I developed and delivered the initial set of resources in a live webinar workshop setting with three friends of mine: Joy, Raven, and Paul, each of whom have experience with sketchnoting and want to create their own course with their sketchnoting skills.

Starting in the first half of 2018 we began meeting in live weekly webinars (which were also recorded).

The first twelve of those weekly webinars consisted of me providing some instruction, outlining all of the steps involved in creating a course, sharing all of the lessons that I’ve learned via the half a dozen courses that I’ve created, and addressing whatever questions come up along the way.

For me that was a really fun way to teach this material for the first time.

It took me back to my high school teaching days with real-time interaction around an interesting set of ideas.

The conversations that took place within those webinars were very insightful, and I’m glad that we recorded them so that I can go back and look at those conversations, and also so that you can do the same.

After those 12 weeks of instructional webinars, we then transitioned into weekly check-ins, an opportunity for each of us to share the progress that we had made on the course that we were working on, and also address any challenges that came up for us that past week.

It’s within those 12 weeks of instructional webinars and then the weekly check-ins that followed that you’ll get to see me talk about the first course that I created this year: Learn a New Language with Sketchnotes.

That’s the course that I was developing throughout all of those webinars, alongside Joy (who was developing a creative guidebook for folks participating in NaNoWriMo) and Raven (who was developing a course to help folks take the first step from being a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur) and Paul (who’s teaching left-handed calligraphy).

By following along with our progress throughout this past year and watching those many hours of conversations that we had, you’ll get to see what it really looks like to build this type of resource.

It’s not something that you can create overnight, but it is something that with regular effort you can create.

I think what I can provide here (with the help of Joy, Raven, and Paul) is a way to avoid some of the pitfalls you’re likely to encounter, and identify the questions that you’ll have to answer for yourself, and how to go about answering those questions.

So for those who have already picked up this resource – Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes – those recorded live webinar workshops are now all available for you to view.

You can watch all 12 weeks of instruction and then also follow along with our weekly check-ins.

But we’re not stopping there.

Where We’re Going Next

What I am now in the process of doing is reviewing all of those live workshops, taking into account the feedback that I got from Joy, Raven, and Paul along the way, and creating a more polished learning experience.

I’m now in the process of refining this resource to create a more polished learning experience. Can’t wait to share it with you!

I’m revisiting and refining all of the lessons as I take those twelve weeks of instruction and reformat them into what looks like will be a five-unit course.

For each of those five units I’m creating new sketchnote videos that have the same style as what you see above so that I can present those lessons in a succinct, engaging, and memorable way.

In addition to those sketchnote video lessons, I’m also developing printable resources to help you take action in response to each of those lessons.

Because we all know how easy it is to just watch a bunch of video lessons without doing the follow-up work that’s actually going to give you some momentum. I want to give you a little bit of a kickstart to get that momentum going, and that’s what I think the sketchnote video lessons and follow-up activities will provide.

I will be releasing that polished learning experience in February of 2019, and if you’re interested in digging into it then now’s a good time to sign up because once all of those video lessons and printable activities are up, the price of this resource will double.

So consider picking it up now at its launch price and start checking out those live webinar workshops so that you can begin to develop your own ideas, and then you’ll be in a really good place when those final lessons come out.

I hope you enjoy watching the journey that the four of us went through this past year, and I can’t wait to see the transformative resource that you will create for others.