Build Your Flywheel

So you’ve started the year off right by setting some intentions and choosing what you want to focus on.

What’s next?

I think that this is the perfect time for you to create a system for yourself that will build momentum day after day and week after week.

That’s what The Flywheel Effect is all about.

In the video above I share with you the flywheel that I’ve created for myself this year, and encourage you to sketch out your own.

The three major components of my flywheel, along with the specific activities within each.

What are the components of your flywheel? And how can you start making regular pushes?

Dig Deeper

Want to dig deeper into the development of your own sketchnoting skills?

Check out our library of online courses:

Here’s a great place to start: An Introduction to Visual Note-Taking.

You can explore the full course library here.

Good luck building your flywheel and getting it moving.