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Closing The Gap Between Idea and Action

In this episode of The Verbal To Visual Podcast I talk about one of the benefits of sketching out ideas – that it helps you to close the gap between idea and action. I explain exactly what I mean by that and encourage you to test some things out for yourself.

Notes & Links

Here’s the sketch of a chat between Dan Pink and Jim Collins from a few years back.

Collins’ book Great By Choice was the topic of that discussion, here’s a full list of books he has authored.

May is Visual Vocabulary Month here at the site. Here are the relevant posts so far:

The call to action: Consider an idea or a set of ideas that you want to keep in mind, develop an icon for each idea, store those icons using one of the tools discussed here, then pay attention over the next few weeks to see if the process of sketching out an idea helps you keep it in mind and act on it some way.

The book I’m currently working on is The Verbal To Visual Notebook, and here’s where you can grab the text-only version for half-price.


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