The Verbal To Visual Community

The Community branch of Verbal To Visual is a global group of learners and makers – folks who are building their visual thinking skills and applying them in their personal and professional lives.

When you join this community you will be able to tap into the collective knowledge and support that will allow you to take your skills to the next level, and have fun in the process.

 Weekly Webinar Workshops

Our weekly live webinar workshops give us the opportunity to share resources and build skills around that week’s theme. All webinars are archived for future viewing in case you’re not able to make it live.

We hold our webinar workshops on Fridays at 12:00pm Pacific Time (UTC -8).



  • New Topic Each Week

    We alternate between focused workshops and open-ended Q & A guided by your needs, goals, and interests.

  • Video, Audio, & Text Chat

    Participate in whatever way you’re most comfortable with.

  • Full Replays

    All past webinars are fully viewable, with the chat record saved within Slack.

Watch the video below to get a feel for how we run our workshops.

Small-scale sabbaticals: every seventh week we take a one-week break from our workshop schedule in order to engage in other activities and come back refreshed!

Join Us On Slack!

We use the tool Slack to organize the conversations that occur within this community. You can upload your sketchnotes, get feedback, ask questions, and track your progress as your skills grow.

Melanie Webinar Share

Doug Progress Log

Jill Progress Log

  • Upload Your Sketchnotes

    Share your work and get feedback on how to improve.

  • Ask Questions

    This global and professionally-diverse group will help point you in the right direction.

  • Track Your Progress

    Start a progress log to keep yourself motivated as you continually improve and apply your skills.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be able to experience this community from the inside to see whether or not it’s a good fit for you. With that in mind, if you’re not satisfied with what you see after your first 30 days, I’d be happy to return your money.