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Who This Community Is For

If you’re ready to go all-in on sketchnoting so that you can apply your skills to your personal or professional life in a deep and ongoing way, then this community is for you.

Here are the types of things that community members are up to:

From integrating your sketchnoting skills into your personal life, to using them at work, to creating your own career with them – this is what community members are up to.

No matter what personal or professional path you’re choosing to go down, we as a community can help you make progress on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Ongoing Skill Development

One major branch of community activity focuses on the continued development of your sketchnoting skills.

Each month we pick a new theme to focus on, and each week I provide multiple opportunities for you to get some experience with that topic.

Continue honing your skills and learning from other community members, then take that experience and apply it to your own work.

At the end of each month I share a poll with options for the next theme, so over time we get to follow the interests and needs of the community itself.

Feedback & Accountability

Maybe even more important than skill development is the push to continue making progress on your own sketchnoting projects.

We have both live and ongoing opportunities for you to get feedback on your work and be held accountable for what you say you’ll get done.

Two live webinars each month plus forums to share your latest work and ask questions will help you continue making progress on your own sketchnoting projects.

We start the month with a Monthly Mastermind webinar to talk through any challenges you’re facing, then identify next steps (and commit to them). In the middle of the month we have an Office Hours webinar for some free-form Q & A and discussion. All of those webinars are recorded, so the full replays are available in case you can’t make it live.

And you always have access to forums where you can share your latest sketchnotes, request specific feedback, and ask questions of fellow community members.

What Community Members Are Saying

Hunter Gatewood
"This is what a community of practice should be. It is focused on a shared purpose (the use of sketchnoting to communicate and facilitate ideas). It is well organized with interesting content and consistent opportunities to engage at different levels and in different ways. The people! The people are fascinating and inspiring and generous. They do such cool work across industries and around the world. Doug is very thoughtful and naturally helpful and is the perfect leader of the tribe. Get in here!"

Sharon Leah
"I found Doug Neill's Verbal to Visual courses several years ago. I got really excited about the courses again when Doug started using the Mighty Network platform, where there's an active community of sketchnoters. I really enjoy interacting with other engaged sketchnoters from all over the world who share their work, knowledge, and encouragement. The courses along with Doug's weekly prompts and Zoom webinars on different aspects of sketchnoting have provided me with a no-pressure environment where I can learn at my own pace about what interests me most."

Sean Murphy
"The Verbal to Visual Community is a welcoming place to learn alongside others. The monthly themes and weekly assignments have sharpened my skills, but more importantly the friends I’ve made inspire me daily. Diverse sketchnoters sharing their work and learning from each other is what the community is all about."

Karen Dawn
"Doug and his new community are simply amazing. Between all the awesome and useful video content and his gift at delivering value that goes above and beyond what you pay for, Doug really has nailed it. I’ve been a student since 2018 and I can honestly say that Doug’s teachings and his new community are the only resource I continue to come back to again and again. You just have to experience this for yourself."

Build your skills and your career, in community.

As you get to know other community members, you’ll be inspired by the work they’re doing and motivated to continue along your own sketchnoting journey.

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  • How To Make Sketchnote Videos
  • Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes
  • Learn in Public
  • Learn a New Language with Sketchnotes
  • One-on-one coaching calls
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  • Two live webinars each month.
  • Weekly activities and discussions.
  • Accountability and feedback.
  • One-on-one coaching calls.
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Maria Stout
"I am so thrilled Doug decided to start The Verbal to Visual Community! I learned about sketchnoting and Verbal to Visual about 9 months ago. I quickly consumed Doug's large catalog of YouTube videos and bought two of his well-crafted courses. I have found sketchnoting to be a wonderful way to help me process information while harnessing and using the visual strengths of my ADHD/dyslexia "special sauce." Doug has now taken his generosity to the next level by providing coaching calls to community members as well as facilitating real-time discussions and classes...all through creating this new online "meeting spot" for all of us visual thinkers to chat, learn, and bounce ideas off of each other. If you're looking for a place to grow your use of sketchnoting through shared learning and ideas then I definitely want to invite you to check out our community - I think we're a pretty fun group to hang out with!"

Charles Lima
"The plan was to join the community for a few weeks and move on. I didn’t think I could actually improve, but now I find myself sketchnoting every day. And when I venture off course or need inspiration, I know that I’m not alone. I just look up my Mighty Network notifications, soak in a few prompts or videos, and all is well . Thank you for the prompts, a place to share, and the constant support. Well done."

Amy Magnus
"My transition from serious wannabe to serious practitioner is not yet complete, but I am miles ahead of where I began in March. For several years, I have followed specialists in graphic recording on social media, wishing & hoping for an opportunity to learn the craft. This winter I joined The Verbal to Visual Community intent on applying sketchnoting to my work at a children's museum. What a difference the past weeks have made! Now, after completing the Digital Sketchnoting course, I have found my unique style and workflow. Doug is a generous master & insightful guide. At Verbal to Visual, he has drawn together a diverse community of artisans, educators, and engineers from around the world. Together we learn and grow and experiment. I am excited today knowing I have much to contribute in this dynamic, expressive form."