The Verbal to Visual Community

Want to master the skill of sketchnoting alongside a global community of visual thinkers?

You’ve come to the right place.

Master the skill of sketchnoting alongside a supportive global community.

Monthly Themes

One of the ways that we work toward mastery within The Verbal to Visual Community is through intentional skill-building.

That’s where monthly themes come in. Each month I (or the community!) pick a theme to help us focus our skill-building efforts.

For example, here are the first few monthly themes:

  • April 2020: Build Your Visual Vocabulary
  • May 2020: Mind Maps & Flowcharts
  • June 2020: Handwritten Fonts

In future months you’ll get to help decide the theme, so in that way our focus will be determined by where the group wants to head next!

Weekly Calendar

This consistent weekly calendar of activities gives you the opportunity to build you skills around that month’s theme:

  • Monday: Question of the Week

    At the beginning of each week, I pose a question related to the current month’s theme. Those questions will give you the chance to think through your approach to the question that I pose, share that approach with others, and learn from what other community members share.

  • Wednesday: Sketchnoting Prompt

    In the middle of the week, I share a sketchnoting prompt connected to the current month’s theme. This will be an opportunity for you to put pen to paper (or stylus to tablet) as you do some intentional building of your sketchnoting skills! You’ll be able to share what you create in response to those prompts, and learn from what other community members create and share.

  • Friday: Community Roundup

    At the end of the week, I look back at everything that’s been shared and highlight a few of the standout pieces that I don’t want anyone to miss. That will be a great opportunity for you to learn from what others in this community are up to.

Monthly Mastermind

At the beginning of each month you’ll get the opportunity to connect live with other community members to share what you’re working on and talk through any challenges you’re facing with your sketchnoting projects.

Connect live with other community members during our Monthly Masterminds.

As you get to know other community members you’ll be inspired by the work they’re doing and motivated to continue with your own sketchnoting projects.

Share Your Sketchnotes

You’ll also find a dedicated space for you to share your latest sketchnotes and learn from the techniques that others are weaving into their work.

Share your sketchnotes and learn from the work of others.

That combination of intentional skill development, community support, and group accountability will give you everything you need to continue your journey toward mastering the skill of sketchnoting.

Take a Tour

Have a look inside our online learning environment.

I’m very excited about the ways in which the Mighty Networks platform allows for deep engagement with sketchnoting materials and strong connections with other community members.

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