The Value of Consistent Output - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #17

The Value of Consistent Output

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The benefits of making and sharing your creative work regularly, along with strategies to make that happen.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #17

Recorded on April 19th, 2019

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The Setup

0:36 – 2:25

The story behind today’s episode – the first of a three-part series!

Our Conversation About Regular Output

2:25 – 14:18

The reasons I like weekly output as a container for growth, and how I go about sticking to a weekly publishing schedule.

  • Where I focus my consistent output: Verbal To Visual. (In addition to this show of course!)
  • Similar to facilitative anxiety is the concept of comfort zone, growth zone, and danger zone, which I talked about back in Episode 15.
  • Why I like weekly: if this week bombs, I’ve always go the next one to do better! That reminds me of Seth Godin’s analogy of unlimited bowling.
  • I’m working on getting back to the roots of my career in sketchnoting by also posting new sketchnotes of other people’s books/podcasts/talks to Verbal To Visual, like I used to do over at The Graphic Recorder.

The Follow-Up

14:18 – 21:15

A few more details related to my weekly workflow.

  • Another reason I like a weekly publishing schedule: it aligns well with societal norms and routines already in place. I like enjoying my weekends with friends and family, having completed a full cycle of creative work!
  • Here’s a sketchnote of what my weekly workflow used to look like (for making sketchnote videos at Verbal To Visual).
  • Here’s a video of my current workflow for creating sketchnote videos.

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Thanks for listening, and talk with you again next week!