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Create A Computer-Ready Font From Your Own Handwriting

As a pen-and-paper sketchnoter, I’ve got a strong connection to writing by hand. It’s my favorite way to write, and I don’t plan on giving that up anytime soon.

But for some text-heavy projects it would be nice to have a computer-ready font of my own handwriting so that I don’t have to go through the time consuming process (described here) of writing all of that text out by hand, then scanning, vectorizing, and laying it out properly.

It turns out that there are some free tools that will help you to create your own font. In this video I test out one of those tools – My Script Font.

You start by filling out this template with upper- and lower-case alphabets:


Then you scan that in and upload the image file, and a font is created for you!

Here’s how mine turned out:


The result isn’t quite as clean as I’d like, so I plan to continue experimenting with other font-creation tools that allow for small adjustments to be made throughout the process.

But for a free tool, not too shabby!

Give this tool a try yourself, and see if you like the font that results.


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