Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport – A Visual Summary

If you feel like technology is taking over your life, then it’s a good time to check out the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

In the video above I sketch out some of my favorite ideas from the book and then share how I’m applying those ideas to my personal and professional life.

Here’s the final sketch:

Some of the core ideas from the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

To test out what it feels like to live life as a digital minimalist, Newport encourages you to take on a 30-day digital declutter.

Here’s what mine looked like:

The two most impactful components of my digital declutter: limiting Netflix to Friday and Saturday evenings, and cutting out YouTube, podcasts, and Twitter, instead reading physical books.

I’m now long past the initial 30 days and have no desire to look back.

How might you start embracing digital minimalism in your life?

I hope that what I shared here sparks some ideas for you.

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