Digital Sketchnoting: 2021 Update

Last year I started building a new online course called Digital Sketchnoting, with the goal of helping you become familiar with the most common note-taking apps out there, decide which will be the best fit for you, and develop a sketchnoting process to make the most of that tool.

After a kick-off webinar and lots of Q & A inside of Verbal to Visual, I hosted a nine-week workshop series in the middle of last year, as the first version of that new course.

In the middle of 2020 I hosted a nine-week workshop series as the first run through of the new course Digital Sketchnoting.

It was exciting to develop and share a course live like that, with so much interaction along the way, both during and between the webinars (the full replays of which are available!).

After all of those live sessions (and then a bit of a break from course development) I jumped into what I called The Rework process, with the goal of improving upon those live lessons and then recording the final version of the course.

I pulled the final images of each lesson into one huge canvas using the app Concepts, and then marked them up while watching the replays.

I’ve been reworking the course material by pulling the lesson images into one big Concepts file and making notes on improvements and additions I’d like to make.

Here’s how that canvas ended up looking:

The rework process inside of Concepts, zoomed way out.

I gave myself space in between each lesson column for notes and ideas.

Now it’s time to incorporate those improvements into the final recording of the course!

So as you can see I’ve got lots of ideas about improvements and additions I’d like to make!

At about the time that I finished the review process, I made weekly workshops a regular thing inside of Verbal to Visual, to give us the opportunity to connect live each week and do deep dives on specific sketchnoting topics.

Some of those new weekly workshops have focused on digital sketchnoting:

Within our now regular weekly workshops we’ve had the chance to explore a few digital sketchnoting topics that didn’t make it into the first run through of the course.

One week we explored the unique transformation features that digital tools provide. In another I shared how I’ve been using Keynote on the iPad to create drawn animations (like what you see in the video above). And one week we shared some walkthroughs of a few of the most popular apps while comparing and contrasting features.

Those new weekly workshop have taken some time away from course production, as has a personal update – my wife is pregnant with twins!

Course development went on pause as I prepare for parenthood!

In addition to prepping our home and life for new parenthood, I’m also in the process of setting up some paternity for myself by creating a buffer of YouTube videos and reaching out to some Verbal to Visual friends to guest host the weekly workshops for a few months.

I’m excited to welcome our two boys into the world, and I’ll also be excited to get back to course work once we’re somewhat accustomed to life as parents.

After a few months of paternity leave I’ll hop back into course building and enter production mode to record the lessons for the final version of the course.

With the lesson review process complete, I’m ready to jump into production mode and start recording the final lessons.

That’s what I’ll hop back into once I’ve got my fatherhood legs underneath me!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy all of those lesson replays and weekly workshops as you explore the exciting tools out there and build your sketchnoting skills.

Thanks for being a part of this journey.