Digital Sketchnoting: Recording Video Lessons

Long-term projects take time.

That no doubt sounds obvious, but sometimes I need the reminder.

Recently I’ve been working on the next iteration of the course Digital Sketchnoting, which started out as a workshop series back in 2020.

My intention was always to turn that live workshop series into a more polished course, but it’s taken quite a bit longer than expected!

In part that’s because of new parenthood (twins!), but it’s also because of how difficult it can be to plug away on projects that you know will take a long time to complete.

In the video above I share how I’ve reached a bit of a milestone in the lesson recording process, and talk a bit about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Digital Sketchnoting: Recording Video Lessons

Here’s one of the lessons from Digital Sketchnoting that I sketched out today.

On to the next stage of course production!

If you’re intrigued by the tablet-and-stylus tool combination for your visual notes, here’s where you can learn more about the course I’m working on:

Digital Sketchnoting Course

Merge your sketchnoting skills with the unique capabilities of a digital note-taking device to amplify your learning, problem-solving, and storytelling efforts.

The replays of the live workshop series are available, and stay tuned for the release of new lessons (plus a bunch of live events) in the spring of 2023!

More details about the course here: Digital Sketchnoting.