Digital Sketchnoting

Leverage the power of an
all-in-one tool.

Merge your sketchnoting skills with the unique capabilities of a digital note-taking device to amplify your learning, problem-solving, and storytelling efforts.

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Why Digital Sketchnoting?

The benefits of going with a digital approach to your note-taking.

Why is it worth it to move from pen-and-paper to digital sketchnoting? The experience has improved dramatically in recent years, there are just too many useful features of drawing applications, and the convenience of an all-in-one tool is hard to beat.

The Purpose of this Course

What you'll get out of this course: a personalized sketchnoting process that leverages the power of digital note-taking tools.

Throughout this course I'll help you develop a sketchnoting process that leverages the unique powers of a digital note-taking device in a way that's aligned with your personal and professional goals.

Expected Sketchnoting Skills

To get the most out of this course, I recommend developing your core sketchnoting skills first.

If you're totally new to sketchnoting, then this course probably isn't a good fit for you. I'd recommend picking up our intro course first. Here we won't be covering the basics of sketchnoting, but instead exploring how to apply those core skills to the digital setting.

The Tools I'll Be Using

There are lots of great digital note-taking tools out there. Here's what I'll be using.

My current favorite digital sketchnoting tools are the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the app Procreate. That's what you'll see me using throughout this course, but there are enough commonalities among tablets and apps that you'll easily be able to transfer what I share to your tools of choice.

Course Development Process

Here's what the course-development process will look like in the coming months.

In January of 2020, I hosted a Kick-Off Webinar in which we explored questions about digital sketchnoting and chatted about what should be included within this course (the replay is now available, with lots of helpful suggestions and links!).

Then in May and June I shared version one of the course in a live webinar workshop format. The replays of all of those instructional webinars and office hours are now available.

Course Update

The webinar workshop version of this course is now available!

The full replays of all of those instructional sessions and office hours are available.

You can catch up on those sessions and check out the bonus workshops below while I take the feedback from that first run-through of the course and make the final video lessons.

Bonus Workshops

In addition to all of the course materials described above, you'll also get access to the replays of these live workshops:

Digital Sketchnoting: Moving, Rotating, & Resizing

An exploration of the unique editing tools available within note-taking apps, plus some general Q & A about sketchnoting with the tablet and stylus combo!

Drawn Animations in Keynote & PowerPoint

How to use the built-in tools within Keynote on the iPad (very similar in PowerPoint) that allow you to draw words and images, then animate the playback so that they appear stroke-by-stroke.

Digital Sketchnoting: App Walkthroughs

In this workshop we do deep dives into Concepts and Notability (with brief appearances of other apps along the way) to identify the unique features of each app and help you choose which will be the best fit for you.

What Students Are Saying

Cynthia Shipman

Awesome course. Great introduction to so many varying digital tools. Doug's a great instructor. You'll love it.

Rajendra Deshpande
Doug brings a very unique perspective while taking us through this sketchnoting course. He is a great teacher. This course is an excellent example of an agile way of teaching - the time of the course was fixed but the scope absolutely kept on evolving as we started getting deeper into digital sketchnoting. One of the best teachers to learn such wonderful knowledge. Thanks Doug.
Sarah Fennelly

As a teacher who works with students who learn in many different ways, including many visual learners, digital sketchnoting is a way to help students, especially these days where remote learning is a possibility for all or some of the school year. These students who say they learn best writing or drawing with pencil and paper can transfer these skills to technology. And as a teacher I can put some difficult concepts in a format that some students will understand better than just in writing. And I can do it remotely and online if necessary. I'm glad I took this course and jumped way out of my comfort zone to learn a new way to teach and reach all students.

Hanne Aastrup

It’s been really fun. Doug has created a global classroom where participants cheer your work, give you new ideas and useful feedback. The environment encourages you to just go ahead with your journey - your direction is the right one for you, and the community salutes you on the way.

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