Distance Learning Activity: Sketchnoted Recipes

With distance learning likely in our future for a while, the need for meaningful and engaging activities that students can complete at home is as pressing as ever.

Here I’d like to share an activity that you might draw inspiration from, one that comes from a member of The Verbal to Visual Community, Paul Joy (who was also a recent guest on the podcast).

The idea here is for each student to make their own pizza and sketchnote the recipe.

Paul shared some pizza-making tips (along with some life lessons) in a video, along with his version of a sketchnoted recipe:

Paul’s sketchnoted recipe.

That provided a great model for students, who created some wonderful sketchnoted recipes of their own:

That pizza looks delicious!

Great visuals for each step.

I actually enjoy the ping pong of steps around the central image of the pizza.

Great color and use of small icons at each step.

I hope that this activity and those student examples sparked some ideas for what you might do in your classroom, be it in-person or online!


Sketchnoting in the Classroom

If you’d like to weave some sketchnoting instruction into your approach to distance learning, you might enjoy this resource kit that I put together:

Add sketchnoting to your toolkit as an instructor as you help your students develop their own visual thinking skills.

Sketchnoting in the Classroom

Early within that kit you’ll see a lesson called Resources for Distance Learning, where I’ve shared all videos and activities in such a way that you can add embed them within whatever LMS you and your school are using.

I wish you luck in dealing with all of the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the upcoming school year.