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Don’t Stop At Underlining

So you’ve read a book and marked it up along the way. Before you put that book back up on your shelf, try getting those ideas out of the book and into a more digestible form.

My favorite way of doing that is using index cards. I’ll work my way back through the book, paying attention only to those sections I’ve marked up, and get those down on the cards.

What I like about index cards is how disposable and modular they are.

If I really mess up a small sketch I’m working on, I can toss it in the recycling bin and start over, without having lost much time.

And once I’ve got a bunch of ideas down on various cards, I can move them around until the layout of the cards matches the connections between the ideas on the them.

The ability to move ideas around with your hands is powerful. It gives your brain the opportunity to organize those ideas in an efficient way.

Don't Stop At Underlining - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill - the book, modular notes, one-page summary

Give this note card note-taking a try the next time you need to pull your favorite ideas out of the last book you read!


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