Doodle Away With These Visual-Heavy Sketchnoting Templates

This post is part of a series on laying out the page in a way that benefits your visual note taking. See the full series here.

For folks new to the concept of sketching out ideas, having a structure that places more emphasis on the visuals sketched than the words written might seem scary. But it’s a step worth taking and experimenting with (even before you think you are ready) because you might find that you’re more prepared than you think to tap into the visual side of processing information.

Here are two sketchnoting templates that give more space for doodling than they do for writing:

Visual Heavy Sketchnoting Template Boxed - Verbal To Visual

(Get the PDF version of this template here)

Visual Heavy Sketchnoting Template Wide - Verbal To Visual

(Get the PDF version of this template here)

The boxed nature of the first template makes it a good approach when you’re capturing many individual ideas. That template includes space in between those boxes to connect or separate the ideas and to add text as necessary.

The more open space in the second template gives you room to draw larger diagrams and scenes – conveying multiple ideas within one sketch. You can use the space below to add context with as much or as little text as you need.

With experimentation you’ll discover whether or not these templates complement your style – by giving them a go you might even discover a new style you didn’t even know you had. So go find some interesting info that you’d like to sketch out, and give each of these templates a try.

Then come back here and let me know how it went!

Happy sketching.

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