How to Draw Adventure Icons

Want to build your drawing skills right alongside me?

Join me while I use The Noun Project and the work of Made x Made to practice drawing icons on the theme of adventure.

Here’s how the full page turned out:

Draw with Me: Adventure Icons

It can feel extremely satisfying to fill a page with simple drawings, even if some of them are sloppier than you’d like!

As well as a little sketchnote in which I put some of those visuals to use, in this case for a sketchnote sharing a bit of my adventure on YouTube:

Draw With Me: Adventure Icons - YouTube Journey

Sharing my work on YouTube sometimes feels like the longest backpacking trip ever, but I’m slowly figuring out what I need in my pack to keep going at a sustainable pace.

If you’re interested, go check out the new channel Learn in Public with Doug & Erik. I’ll be sharing show notes for those episodes here!

Learn How to Take Visual Notes

If you’d like a deeper dive into the world of visual note-taking, come join us inside of Verbal to Visual.

There you’ll find a full library of sketchnoting courses and regular live workshops to help you build your skills:

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