Establish Your Routine

To achieve big goals, you’ve got to first make the connection between the long-term process and your daily actions, and then carry out those actions consistently.

That’s where a structured (yet flexible where necessary) daily routine comes in.

A customized daily routine that works well for you is what will allow you to focus on what you’ve deemed to be essential in your life as you push the flywheel you’ve built for yourself that will help you gain momentum in your work.

In the video above I share with you the routine that’s currently working well for me, in hopes that it will help you establish one that works well for you.

The daily routine that helps me build momentum with my work at a healthy and sustainable pace.

What part of your day do you have control over?

How can you spend that time well as you work toward your long-term goals?

Dig Deeper

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Good luck experimenting with the structure of your daily routine until you find a good fit.