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November 2022 Sketchnoting Events

Join us for these live sketchnoting events where you'll be able to learn from our global community of visual thinkers. In November and December we're doing a deep dive on the course Learn in Public.

And in early January I'll be hosting a book club for What Works by Tara McMullin:

Past Events

Book Sketchnotes: Stretch by Scott Sonenshein

Want to sketchnote a book alongside other members of Verbal to Visual? Here's your chance! Go grab Stretch by Scott Sonenshein and start reading and sketching away. In this event you'll get to share your sketchnotes, talk about your book sketchnoting process, and discuss highlights from the book.

Transitioning from Cliché Icons to Visual Metaphors

Join guest host Dario Paniagua (author of Visual Metaphors and Visual Speaking Like a Boss) for a special workshop in which he'll help us move away from simple icons and toward more meaningful visual metaphors.

Sketchnote Your Annual Review: Looking Forward to 2022

In part two of our Sketchnote Your Annual Review series we look toward 2022 to set intentions and establish some frameworks that will help you get the year started right.

Sketchnote Your Annual Review: Looking Back at 2021

Join us for the first of a two-part series on sketchnoting your annual review. In this session we'll spend some time reflecting on 2021 and pulling out lessons that you can apply to 2022.

Bubble Letters with Barbara

Join guest host Barbara Golden to learn how to draw bubble and graffiti style letters.

Turning a Tree into a Metaphor

In this workshop you'll get to practice drawing different types of trees and then use that drawn object as a visual metaphor connected to concepts like resources, growth, stability, and outcomes.

Sketchnoting Side Hustle

Want to start earning an income with your sketchnoting skills? In this four-session workshop series we help you identify a sketchnoting side hustle that's a good fit for you and then get it off the ground.

Creating a Storage System for Your Sketchnotes

Once sketchnoting becomes a regular activity, how do you organize and store all of your notes in a way that's useful over time? In this workshop we'll explore that question and help you create a storage system that works well for you.

Infinite-Canvas Sketchnoting

When working with digital tools you have the option of an infinite canvas that grows with your sketchnote, no matter how big it gets. But how do you capture useful visual notes with that ever-growing approach? That's what we explore in this workshop.

Getting Comfortable with Time Constraints

It's easy to waste time overthinking your sketchnote and agonizing over every single detail. In this workshop you'll get to practice adding a time constraint to your process to keep you away from those traps.

Single-Column Sketchnotes

Finding your own sketchnoting style requires experimenting with different constraints. In this workshop we explore a single-column, top-to-bottom workflow to help you keep your sketchnotes moving.

Turning Complex Ideas into Simple Icons

When communicating your ideas with others, sometimes you need to condense complex ideas down into simple icons and diagrams. In this workshop we explore how to do that well.

How to Filter for Important Ideas

One of the biggest challenges for sketchnoters is deciding what makes it onto the page and what doesn't. In this workshop we explore how you can create a filter to help you get the important ideas down and leave the rest out.

GoodNotes 5 App Walkthrough

Join guest host Maria Stout on a walk-through of the app with examples of daily note taking, note taking on PDFs, digital planning, making easy digital stickers, and visually managing an online business.

Freelance Sketchnoting

Join guest hosts Paul Joy & Benoit Leclair to discuss the possibilities of paid sketchnoting gigs. They will share their background and freelance experiences, followed by an open discussion.

Sketchnoting & Social Media

In this workshop I help you develop a plan for sharing your sketchnotes on social media and building connections with others based on the topics you explore.

Sketchnoting Side Hustle: Launch Party!

In this kick-off event I share a one-page template to help you get started crafting your own sketchnoting side hustle, and then I open it up some fruitful Q & A.

Shading Your Sketchnotes

In this workshop you'll learn how to add shading to your sketchnotes to help your images pop off the page.

Hierarchy with Handwriting

Learn how to develop and use a few different handwritten fonts within your sketchnotes to help the big ideas stand out while keeping the details clear.

Design a Transformative Workshop

Bring your interests and expertise to the table as we walk through the process of designing a workshop, using sketchnotes to create engaging instruction and activities for your participants.

Digital Sketchnoting: App Walkthroughs

In this workshop I'll walk through how I use my two favorite sketchnoting apps (Concepts and Keynote) and then open it up for participants to share their favorite app and how they use it.

Sketchnoting During One-on-One Meetings

In this workshop we explore how you can take helpful visual notes during a one-on-one meeting without losing the sense of connection.

Sketchnoting Layout: Find the Right Fit

In this workshop we explore different ways of organizing your visual notes on the page so that you can find an approach that works well for you.

Storyboard Your Next Video

In this workshop we walk through the process of storyboarding a hand-sketched video and discuss common tools for recording and editing.

Language Learning with Children's Books & Graphic Novels

How to weave these visual media (alongside sketchnoting) into your language learning efforts.

Learning in Public in 2021

How will you document your creative and professional journey this year? Join us to build or refine your plan and explore the role that sketchnoting might play.

Sketchnote Your Annual Review

How to use your sketchnoting skills to reflect on the past year and make some plans for the year ahead.

Sketchnoting in the Classroom: Mid-Year Check-In

Join us to chat about how sketchnoting instruction is going within your classroom, be it online or in-person!

Drawn Animations in Keynote & PowerPoint

How to use the built-in tools within Keynote on the iPad (very similar in PowerPoint) that allow you to draw words and images, then animate the playback so that they appear stroke-by-stroke.

Your Next 20 Icons

An opportunity to build your visual vocabulary in alignment with the topics you most frequently sketchnote.

Digital Sketchnoting: Moving, Rotating, & Resizing

An exploration of the unique editing tools available within note-taking apps, plus some general Q & A about sketchnoting with the tablet and stylus combo!

Turning a Live Workshop into an Evergreen Course

In this webinar I share my process for reworking the live webinar workshop version of a course (Digital Sketchnoting) and turning that experience into stand-alone video lessons as the final version of the course.

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