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Join us for these live workshops to dive deep into specific sketchnoting topics.

March 2021 Mastermind

Join us to chat about your current sketchnoting project, talk through any challenges you’re facing, and identify next steps.

Wednesday, March 3rd at 10:00am Pacific Time

Design a Transformative Workshop

Bring your interests and expertise to the table as we walk through the process of designing a workshop, using sketchnotes to create engaging instruction and activities for your participants.

Wednesday, March 10th at 10:00am Pacific Time

Hierarchy with Handwriting

Learn how to develop and use a few different handwritten fonts within your sketchnotes to help the big ideas stand out while keeping the details clear.

Wednesday, March 17th at 10:00am Pacific Time

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Past Events

Digital Sketchnoting: App Walkthroughs

In this workshop I'll walk through how I use my two favorite sketchnoting apps (Concepts and Keynote) and then open it up for participants to share their favorite app and how they use it.

Sketchnoting During One-on-One Meetings

In this workshop we explore how you can take helpful visual notes during a one-on-one meeting without losing the sense of connection.

Sketchnoting Layout: Find the Right Fit

In this workshop we explore different ways of organizing your visual notes on the page so that you can find an approach that works well for you.

Storyboard Your Next Video

In this workshop we walk through the process of storyboarding a hand-sketched video and discuss common tools for recording and editing.

Language Learning with Children's Books & Graphic Novels

How to weave these visual media (alongside sketchnoting) into your language learning efforts.

Learning in Public in 2021

How will you document your creative and professional journey this year? Join us to build or refine your plan and explore the role that sketchnoting might play.

Sketchnote Your Annual Review

How to use your sketchnoting skills to reflect on the past year and make some plans for the year ahead.

Sketchnoting in the Classroom: Mid-Year Check-In

Join us to chat about how sketchnoting instruction is going within your classroom, be it online or in-person!

Drawn Animations in Keynote & PowerPoint

How to use the built-in tools within Keynote on the iPad (very similar in PowerPoint) that allow you to draw words and images, then animate the playback so that they appear stroke-by-stroke.

Your Next 20 Icons

An opportunity to build your visual vocabulary in alignment with the topics you most frequently sketchnote.

Digital Sketchnoting: Moving, Rotating, & Resizing

An exploration of the unique editing tools available within note-taking apps, plus some general Q & A about sketchnoting with the tablet and stylus combo!

Turning a Live Workshop into an Evergreen Course

In this webinar I share my process for reworking the live webinar workshop version of a course (Digital Sketchnoting) and turning that experience into stand-alone video lessons as the final version of the course.

Watch the replays and learn from our conversations, then join us for the next live workshop that catches your eye!

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