Find Your Creative Soundtrack; Trust Batteries; One for me one for them; The Doug Neill Show - Episode #3

Find Your Creative Soundtrack

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In this episode we explore how music can keep you company, the value of replenishing your trust batteries with others, and how to balance creative ambition with serving an audience.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #3

Recorded on December 21st, 2018

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Find Your Creative Soundtrack

0:36 – 8:39

My three go-to music playlists that keep me company while working alone and bring some energy into my work without distracting me from it.

Trust Batteries

8:39 – 20:18

The importance of building and maintaining trust with co-workers and customers, both to foster general goodwill and also to be given the benefit of the doubt when hiccups arise.

One for Me, One for Them

20:18 – 28:01

How to balance the pursuit of your own creative ambitions and meeting the expectations of your audience.

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