Fine-Tuning Your Workspace - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #18

Fine-Tuning Your Workspace

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A conversation about workspaces and their impact on creating meaningful work while living a fulfilling life.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #18

Recorded on April 22nd, 2019

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The Setup

0:38 – 2:49

In part two of this series (here’s part one) we’ll be exploring the dynamics that make for a good work space for creative entrepreneurs.

Our Conversation About Workspaces

2:49 – 13:00

The various workspaces that I’ve experimented with over the years, and the elements that have made them well-suited (or not) to my work style.

  • The things that might cause you to shift something about your workspace: you get to know yourself better OR your circumstances change.
  • Work desk next to bed: not an ideal situation.
  • All-in-one work desk (permanent overhead camera setup which I describe in this video): super ideal.
  • Key lesson learned: remove as many barriers to the creation process as possible.
  • What I thought would be the perfect scenario: a studio apartment all to myself! No roommates, can work whenever without distraction. The reality: that was way too isolating!
  • The location of my first office space: Wayfinding Academy.
  • A requirement for me: a safe space to take creative risks (i.e. no one can see me or hear me when I’m trying new things!).

The Follow-Up

13:00 – 19:05

A few more thoughts about small (and maybe sometimes big) experiments to help you fine-tune your work environment.

  • The ability to physically step away from the work will help you step away mentally as well.
  • Experimenting with different types of workspaces will help you to get to know yourself better so that you know what to look for once you start seeking out something more permanent (or a shift from whatever your current situation is).
  • Remove the barriers between you and the work!
  • Iterate over time as you get to know yourself better.

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