Get Off the Social Media Hamster Wheel

If you make things for the internet, then you’re likely all too familiar with the social media hamster wheel and its damaging effects.

In her recent TEDx talk, Tara McMullin helps us get off of that hamster wheel and spend our time more wisely.

Here are my visual notes of her talk:

The pressure to create and share things everywhere every day has led to more and more forgettable content.

It’s easy to get stuck on the social media hamster wheel, laboring to satisfy the algorithm.

The opposite of forgettable content is remarkable content, and here are the roots and fruits of creating it.

As I think about applying these ideas to my work here, where I create sketchnotes and help you do the same, it’s the time spent exploring and the finding of what remarkable means to me that gets me excited. (I already quit social media about I year ago.)

After a period time when I’ve been relying on edited down videos from a month of live streaming (which is how I created a form of paternity leave for myself), I’m now ready to spend more time on each video that I make with the goal of more depth and better quality.

That might mean that I publish slightly less frequently than weekly, but that’s still my goal.

Overriding the pressure of a weekly publishing schedule, however, is the goal of making videos that are truly impactful and that will be useful for many years to come.

Start Taking Visual Notes

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