When Grit Isn’t Enough

What happens when grit isn’t enough?

That’s the question that Anindya Kundu asked and answered in his recent TED Talk.

Here are some sketchnotes that I took of that talk:

The Boost Students Need - Anindya Kunda - grit, agency, sketchnotes, doug neill


Grit, it turns out, is only part of the equation.

Equally important is agency. Kundu defines agency as “their specific capacity to actually overcome the obstacles that they were facing and navigate the system given their circumstances.”

As we learned in the two examples, that capacity can be created by social scaffolding programs. Those programs provide just enough support to help individuals use their grit to overcome the obstacles they’re facing.

To me this reinforces the need for a strong social safety net and the value of the programs that gave Tyrique and Vanessa the agency they needed.

If you want to add a bit more nuance to the idea of grit, check out this episode of Visual Conversations. There we explore the difference between higher level goals and lower level tactics.

How does the idea of grit and agency affect your life or those you serve with your work?

I hope you found these sketchnotes useful and the ideas within them interesting.




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