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Hamilton Lyrics: How A Single Phrase Opens An Entire World

Like many of you, I was hooked from the very first time I listened to the cast recording of Hamilton.

Since that first listen over a year ago, I’ve logged at least two dozen more, to the point where there are handful of verses I know by heart and that I sing along to every time.

There are power in those words, power in the stories behind them, and power in the way we see those stories reflected in our own lives.

Hamilton Lyrics Sketchnotes - Verbal To Visual - Doug Neill - visual note-taking, sketchnoting, graphic recording, doodling

Sketchnoted Lyrics: A Visual Thinking Exercise

The goal here at Verbal To Visual is to celebrate the use of handwritten words and hand-sketched images to capture, process, and share ideas.

With that in mind, a few weeks ago during a community workshop I proposed the task of sketchnoting the lyrics of a favorite song.

I cheated a little.

Instead of sketchnoting the full lyrics of a single song, I by pulled out my favorite lyrics from the entire Hamilton musical. (By the time I reached the end of the first Act I had already filled the page, so I’ll have to save Act II for later.)

Each hand-written phrase sparks in my memory the singular story from which it came and the broader narrative in which it lives.

Those are stories that I want to remember and revisit because of the lessons contained within them and because of the way they make me feel.

Sketching them out by hand, all on a single page, makes that a whole lot easier.

Your Turn

If you’re as smitten as I am with well-crafted phrases and want to celebrate their power while still getting visual, try out this activity for yourself on a favorite song, poem, speech, or musical.

Pick up a pen, start writing.

And drawing. 🙂

Till next time,



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