How I Organize My Analog Visual Notes

As lifelong learners and makers, we face this challenge daily: what do you do with the little pieces of learning and creative work that you accumulate each day?

In my case, since I take analog visual notes at a few different scales (mostly large and medium), there’s some additional complexity to the questions of capture, storage, and organization.

In the video above I share my current approach to capturing and organizing my creative work, and describe how it’s well-suited to the use of pen and paper as my primary sketchnoting materials.

Here’s the full sketchnote. Watch the video above to see how it came together.

The process that I follow to capture, store, and organize my analog visual notes.

Here are links (some of which are affiliate links to Amazon) to the tools that I mentioned:

Though I don’t expect all of the specifics of my organization system to be applicable to you, I do hope that seeing my process helps you think through yours, and perhaps improve it in some small way.

Learn How to Take Visual Notes

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