How I'd Sketchnote Pioneer Nation - Verbal To Visual - Doug Neill

How I’d Sketchnote Pioneer Nation

I’ll be spending the next two and half days helping out at a small-scale conference for independent entrepreneurs called Pioneer Nation.

The company at events like this ain’t bad. Neither is the location.

My role as a volunteer at this event will keep me backstage and busy, which means I won’t be able to sketchnote the talks, but I thought I’d imagine how I would approach sketchnoting a conference like this if I were able to sit in the audience.

In this video I share what that approach would be:

  • Take icon-heavy notes during the live talks and workshops.
  • Create one-page visual summaries for those talks and workshops that were particularly meaningful to me.
  • Keep a running journal of all of the interactions and ideas that come during the in-between spaces throughout the weekend.

I’ll do my best to keep an ear to the talks and pull out some interesting ideas, then steal away to sketch and share them with you.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s video, I’ve decided to take on a creative constraint for the videos that I create while at this event – only using an iPhone to shoot and edit.

The goal with this experiment is still to share ideas visually, but to do so in a way that uses technology in a limited rather than heavy way.

So far, so good.

How would you sketchnote a live conference that has a combination of main-stage talks, interactive workshops, and lots of one-on-one conversations throughout the weekend?


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