How Students Feel About Sketchnoting

What happens when you introduce kids to the concept of sketchnoting?

That’s a question that I’ve often thought about in my journey as an adult learning and teaching these skills, especially considering that my career path almost led to full-time classroom teaching.

In the video above I share how members of Verbal to Visual responded to that question and I also outline some steps that I think will smooth the process of bringing the skill of visual note-taking into your classroom.

Here’s the full sketchnote. Watch the video above to see how it came together.

As you work to shift the note-taking process in a more visual direction, know that most students are excited about that prospect!

The fact that most students respond positively to the idea of sketchnoting gets me excited about the next generation of creative professionals.

Summer Workshop Series for Teachers

Part of the reason that I wanted to explore this topic right now is because I’m about to host a series of workshops for teachers who are weaving sketchnoting into their classroom.

I want to help you design a curriculum that weaves together sketchnoting instruction (from video lessons I’ve made specifically for the classroom setting) with content-specific activities.

Here’s what that workshop series will look like:

Join us for this summer workshop series in which I’ll help you weave sketchnoting video lessons into your content-specific instruction.

Throughout that workshop series we’ll be building on the resources available within Sketchnoting in the Classroom.

I’ll help you make the best use of those videos and activities while also creating a space for you to learn from other teachers who are as excited as you are about sharing these skills with your students.

Within the Sketchnoting in the Classroom resource kit you’ll find ready-to-play video lessons and follow-up activities that will help students develop their visual note-taking skills.

All of the workshops will be recorded in case you’re unable to join us live.

To participate in that workshop series and also explore our full library of sketchnoting courses, come join Verbal to Visual.

Hope to see you there!