How Tanmay Vora Creates Viral Sketchnotes

Tanmay Vora is a prolific sketchnoter.

He has shared well over one hundred sketchnotes on his blog, QAspire, and in the video above we chat about why he sketchnotes and then we break down this specific sketchnote:

Tanmay’s sketchnote of an article by Herminia Ibarra in Harvard Business Review.

Though these days Tanmay is leaning on analog tools for most of his sketchnotes, he has also become proficient in the use of these digital tools which he used to create the sketchnote above:

The tool’s that Tanmay used to created the sketchnote above.

Here’s the breakdown of Tanmay’s sketchnoting process, all the way from idea selection to export and sharing:

Tanmay’s sketchnoting process.

I hope that you enjoyed hearing about Tanmay’s process for capturing and sharing ideas in a visual way!

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