How To Critique Your Sketchnotes - Verbal To Visual - Doug Neill - looks, comparison, meaning, experience, purpose

How To Critique Your Sketchnotes

I recommend approaching the critique of your sketchnotes warily.

There is as much of an opportunity to veer off course in your efforts as there is an opportunity to grow in the direction that matters to you.

In this video I discuss two ways NOT to evaluate your sketchnotes before delving into the two questions that I think are worth asking after a note-taking session.

What NOT to do:

  • Compare your sketchnotes to those created by others
  • Judge the value of your sketchnotes on looks alone

What you should ask yourself instead:

  • Was the experience meaningful?
  • Did your visual notes serve their purpose?

Those second two questions set the stage for future skill development that is aligned with where you want to go.

How To Critique Your Sketchnotes Full - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill


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