How To Digitize Your Sketchnotes - Verbal To Visual - Doug Neill

How To Digitize Your Sketchnotes

When I first began sketchnoting, I was excited to return to pen and paper after having spent too much time looking at a screen.

But as the pages of sketchnotes accumulated, I realized a need for organizing that growing set of ideas, and that’s why I first became interested in how digital tools can complement analog sketchnoting.

In this video I share with you my process for taking hand-sketched visuals and making them fully digital and vectorized, in a way that is editable, reusable, combinatoriable (not sure if that’s a word…), and printable at any scale.

How To Digitize Your Sketchnotes (Full) - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill

There is unexplored potential in the digital combination of visual ideas.

The steps that I describe in this video will help you to preserve your hand-sketched ideas in a digital format that will be useful in the years to come.


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