How to Draw Concepts: Burnout & Sustainability

How do you draw concepts that don’t have a specific object associated with them?

That’s the biggest challenge for sketchnoters – coming up with visual representations of ideas that are complex or abstract.

To help you build up that conceptual drawing muscle, here I’d like to share a handful of visuals connected to the concepts of burnout and sustainability.

Watch the video above to learn how to draw each of these icons:

Simply-drawn icons related to the concepts of burnout and sustainability. Add them to your visual vocabulary for use in a future sketchnoting session!

Since one icon can have multiple connotations, I like to list out at least a few words that each drawing might represent.

That reinforces the ideas that with each new element that you add to your own visual vocabulary, you’re actually unlocking a handful of concepts that you’ll be able to represent in a future sketchnoting session.

I hope you enjoy learning how to draw those icons!

Free Sketchnoting Guide

Are you newer to sketchnoting and want to get some more practice with this skill?

Check out the free guide Getting Started with Sketchnoting:

Within that guide I share the full introduction and first 18 practice activities from The Verbal to Visual Notebook (the full notebook is included within all of our courses).

I hope you enjoy getting your feet wet.