How to Give Feedback on Sketchnotes

If someone shows you their latest sketchnote and asks “So, what do you think?”, how might you respond?

In the video above I share some potential ways to approach giving feedback on sketchnotes that balances positive reinforcement and constructive criticism.

Special thanks to the members of The Verbal to Visual Community who participated in the webinar discussion during which we first explored this question!

Here’s the full sketchnote of feedback ideas:

Some starting points for giving helpful feedback on sketchnotes.

I hope that list gives you some good start points for the next time someone asks what you think of their sketchnotes!

Good luck as you support the work of other sketchnoters, be it informally as a fellow visual thinker or within the role of an educator who’s sharing this skill with their students.

The more folks who pick up a pen and start sketching out ideas, the better.


Free Sketchnoting Guide

Want to give sketchnoting a try but not sure where to start? Check out this sample of The Verbal To Visual Notebook:

That 100% hand-sketched notebook includes a set of prompts to help you put pen to paper and start sketching out ideas yourself.

You can get the free guide here.