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How To Make A Sketchnoted Video On Your iPhone (Part 2: The Setup)

Note: This is the 2nd in a four-part series on using your iPhone to create a sketchnoted video as a way to share your ideas with others. View Part 1 herePart 3 here, and Part 4 here.

In yesterday’s video I laid out the important questions to ask yourself while developing the idea that you’d like to share in a sketchnoted video.

Today let’s talk setup.

Here are three different equipment combinations that you can use to shoot your video:

Setup #1: Keep It Simple

In this first setup all you need is a stack of books and something with a bit of weight that can sit on top of that stack. Wedge your phone under the top book, then slide your note card or sketchbook underneath when recording:

iPhone Sketchnoted Video Setup 1

Setup #2: Makeshift & Mobile

A second setup option involves the use of the JOBY GripTight Gorillapod – a small flexible tripod that will grip your phone. The adaptability of that tripod will make it useful in a variety of settings. I attached that tripod to a tree to record this video, and balanced it on top of a to-go coffee cup to record this one, both shot while away at a weekend conference.

iPhone Sketchnoted Video Setup 1

Setup #3: Precision & Stability

For a more precise and stable setup, get a larger tripod such as the Sunpak 2001 UT. With a tripod like that you’ll have the ability to rotate along three different axes and get your phone pointed in just the right direction:

iPhone Sketchnoted Video Setup 3

In Part 3 of this series we’ll tackle the recording process itself. Stay tuned.


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