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How To Make A Sketchnoted Video On Your iPhone (Part 4: The Edit)

Note: This is the 4th in a four-part series on using your iPhone to create a sketchnoted video as a way to share your ideas with others. View Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

It’s time to edit.

Let me warn you up front – this one’s a bit of a doozy! I included time stamps below in case you want to skip ahead to specific¬†sections.

I could have made the process simpler by not recording an intro or outro, but for the purpose of my video those are important pieces.

Want to see the video that I’ve been working on throughout this series?

Check out Learn In Public. I’m really excited about it.

Step 1: Set Up iMovie Project (0:00)

Step 2: Clip Around Intro (1:30)

Step 3: Speed Up Sketchnoted Video (5:35)

Step 4: Extract Audio (14:20)

Step 5: Sync Audio With Sketchnote (23:41)

Step 6: Clip Around The Outro (35:55)

Step 7: Add Music! (39:38)

Ways To Simplify The Process (45:09)


See how my video turned out by visiting Learn In Public.

Good luck as you work on your video!


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