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The Power Of Visual Storytelling

As human beings we're hardwired to respond to stories. Through stories we make sense of the world.

As visual beings we're hardwired to respond to visual stimuli. More of your brain is dedicated to the processing of visual information than any other sense.

So if you've got an idea to share or a story to tell, you'd be leaving a lot of potential unused if you don't add some visual elements into your storytelling process.

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The Power Of Sketchnote Videos

When you bring static images into your process for sharing ideas, your audience with thank you.

When you add in video with sketchnoted elements, your audience will love you.

With video, you engage not only the eye but the ear as well.

And instead of being overwhelmed with the complexity of a completed visual, your viewers will get to see that visual come to life. They’ll get to see the progression from a blank page to a full set of sketched ideas.

Sketchnote iPhone Video - Pens

I'll Teach Your How, Step By Step

The tools to create sketchnote videos like the ones you'll find below have never been more accessible and affordable.

In this course you’ll learn how to use those tools. And just as important, you’ll learn the core principles that will ensure that the videos you create have the intended impact on your audience.

Course Overview

Part 1:
An Introduction

An overview of the the course and the philosophy that guides it.

Module 1: Course Overview

1.1 The Two Peaks (4:08)
1.2 The Four Styles Of Sketchnote Videos (5:39)
1.3 Course Overview (5:32)

Part 2:
Planning Out Your Video

Master the pre-production steps as you craft the story you'll share.

Module 1: Course Overview

2.1 What Story Are You Telling? (5:25)
2.2 The Brainstorm (4:42)
2.3 The Sketchnote (7:00)
2.4 The Script (6:28)

Part 3:
Whiteboard Animation

Learn how to use the tool VideoScribe to create your sketchnote videos.

Module 1: Course Overview

3.1 The Pros & Cons Of VideoScribe (7:02)
3.2 Building Your Sketchnote In VideoScribe (13:53)
3.3 Adding Custom Images To Your Scribe (35:16)
3.4 Adding A Voiceover Narration (15:59)
3.5 Adding Background Music To Your Scribe (10:34)
3.6 Taking Your Scribe To The Next Level (5:57)

Part 4:
iPhone & iMovie

Learn how to make pen and paper sketchnote videos with an iPhone and iMovie.

Module 1: Course Overview

4.1 The Pros & Cons Of The iPhone + iMovie Combo (3:11)
4.2 Pen & Paper Videos: The Setup (18:34)
4.3 Recording The Sketchnote (15:15)
4.4 Recording The Intro, Outro, & Voiceover Narration (17:14)
4.5 Editing in iMovie (53:11)
4.6 Room For Improvement (4:26)

Part 5:
DSLR & Adobe Premiere Pro

Bump up the production value of your videos with a DSLR camera and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Module 1: Course Overview

5.1 The Pros & Cons Of The DSLR + Premiere Combo (6:07)
5.2 The Setup (20:23)
5.3 Recording Your Video (16:22)
5.4 Editing Your Video (1:46:45)
5.5 The Sky's The Limit (7:16)

Part 6:
Make, Share, Repeat

Learn how to go about improving the quality and increasing the impact of your videos.

Module 1: Course Overview

6.1 The Second Peak (3:22)
6.2 Process Over Product (5:17)
6.3 Keep Experimenting (6:05)
6.4 The Sketchnote Video Trifecta (4:01)

Come Behind The Scenes

Within this course I'll take you behind the scenes as I show you every step of the process in creating these episodes of Sketchnote School:

Katarina G.
I loved the different settings Doug offered for starting with a sketchnote video. It offered me the possibility of finding the way that's the best for me! Which at the end was the pro-version with Premiere Pro 🙂 And I managed it because of the well explained, step-by-step tutorial offered in the course. Thanks for that!

Bonus Workshops

In addition to all of the course materials described above, you'll also get access to the replays of these workshops.

Sketchnote Videos on the iPad with Procreate

There’s a whole lot of untapped potential when it comes to using an iPad to create sketchnote videos, and in this bonus lesson I’ll show you how to get started.

Storyboard Your Next Video

In this workshop we walk through the process of storyboarding a hand-sketched video.

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