How To Sketchnote Your Favorite Quotes (VTV Episode #12) - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill - Steven Pressfield - the war of art, turning pro - visual note-taking, visual thinking, doodling

How To Sketchnote Your Favorite Quotes

Sometimes you come across an idea and you know from the first moment you hear it that it’s one you want to remember.

But how do you remember it? How do you incorporate that idea into your life?

That’s precisely what sketchnoting is for – to give a visual form to those ideas that are important to you so that you can carry them with you.

In this episode of Verbal To Visual Video I share with you a process for sketchnoting your favorite quotes, and give you a set of examples from my favorite author of late – Steven Pressfield.

Check out the video, then give the process a try with some of your favorite quotes.

How To Sketchnote Your Favorite Quotes (VTV Episode #12) - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill - visual note-taking, visual thinking, doodling, book, process, words, image, steven pressfield, turning pro, war of art

Here is Steven Pressfield’s blog, his book The War of Art, and the follow-up Turning Pro.

Your turn.

What are your favorite quotes?

How might you give those quotes a visual form?


Want To Dig Deeper?

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