Improve Your Environment, Improve Your Life

My home office isn’t as tidy as I’d like it to be (nor is the rest of our home for that matter – twin toddlers have that effect).

After listening to Annie Murphy Paul talk about situated cognition – how your surroundings can help you think – I decided to dive deep into a YouTube video that popped into my feed called How a space can improve (or destroy) your life.

In the video above I show you how I took notes while watching.

Here’s the visual summary that I ended up with:

Sketchnotes of the Struthless video How a space can improve (or destroy) your life

A visual summary of my favorite ideas from the struthless video “How a space can improve (or destroy) your life.”

The main takeaways for me:

  • Start decluttering my shelves (and keep at it)
  • Bring in some meaningful objects, like plants and family photos
  • Reduce friction by setting out the materials that I want to start the next day with

My hope is that those improvements will support the creative work that I do within this space and keep me happy when I leave it!

Learn How to Take Visual Notes

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