Introducing The Verbal To Visual Podcast

You have ideas that you’d like to bring to life. This podcast will help you do that. In this very first episode, we talk about how that will happen.

Notes & Links


The purpose of The Verbal To Visual Podcast is to help you close the gap between idea and action.


The Sketchnote Guy

The Infodoodler

The Back-Of-The-Napkin-er

Where I’ve Been Experimenting

The Graphic Recorder

Who This Podcast Is For

  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Teachers

(I talk about this a bit on the About page of this site)

How It Works

Solo Shows:

  • Resource sharing (online and off)
  • Tips that I’ve learned from my own experience
  • Ideas from the field of education
  • Skill-building activities within the monthly theme (May is Visual Vocabulary Month!)


  • Broader scope: exploring the whole spectrum from verbal to visual (not just translating from verbal to visual)
  • Chatting with folks who have brought ideas to life in various ways
  • The goal is to help you figure out where you want to land on the spectrum
  • An opportunity to practice you visual note taking skills

Sketch Out Each Show!

Grab your favorite sketchbook and put pen to paper. Then be sure to hit me up on Twitter if you share your sketch!


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