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Is Sketchnoting Really Worth My Time?

You’re busy. I get that.

My guess is the first thought you had when you heard about sketchnoting was one of three things: 1) wow, that looks hard, and/or 2) it will take too long to learn, and/or 3) it adds too much time to the note-taking process.

Sometimes it is hard. It might take a while before you’re comfortable doing it. It does add time to the note-taking process.

Here’s why it’s worth all of that: exponential returns on the time you spend doing it.

Is Sketchnoting Really Worth My Time - Verbal to visual video - doug neill - benefits received, time spent, graph

If you’ve got a set of ideas that you want to incorporate into your actions, then sketchnoting can help you close the gap between the two.

Here’s a question worth considering:

How often do you actually implement the ideas that you read in the books that motivate you?

If the answer is “not that often,” then consider pushing your doubts aside and giving sketchnoting a try.

The time spent learning it and the time spent doing it are worth it.


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