A Three-Part Journaling Process for Creative Pros - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #10

A Three-Part Journaling Process for Creative Pro’s

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A daily journaling process to help you quiet your mind and weaken resistance before you dive into your creative work.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #10

Recorded on March 1st, 2019

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Julia Cameron & Morning Pages

0:39 – 4:21

My history with journaling, influenced heavily by the process of Morning Pages from the book The Artist’s Way.

Part 1: Zoom In

4:21 – 7:11

The first part of this journaling process involves zooming in to examine your current mood and state of mind in an inquisitive and non-judgmental way.

Part 2: Zoom Out

7:11 – 11:39

After the grounding experience of the first part, you then zoom out to get a bit of perspective on the work in front of you, from both a personal and professional standpoint.

  • The scale of my zooming out ranges from a month, to a year, even to a decade!
  • Sometimes I consider personal and family goals, other times creative and professional ones.
  • One long-term goal of mine (I consider it a bucket list item) is to buy a plot of land along a river somewhere in rural Oregon and build a cob house. We’ll see if I get to that or not!

Part 3: Zoom Back In

11:39 – 16:26

With some perspective gained in Part 2, next you zoom back in to focus on the day’s work as you outline a to-do list of sorts, while keeping in mind how the day’s tasks connect to your larger goals.

  • What I’m spending my days working on for the next few weeks: finishing up Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes.
  • What this third section helps remind me of is the purpose behind that day’s tasks. Like Daniel Pink has said, once you combine purpose with autonomy and mastery, you’ve got all the ingredients needed for motivation to naturally be there.

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