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Language Learning Tips – Sketchnotes from the Actual Fluency Podcast

Let’s take some sketchnotes, shall we?

Today my source is a podcast called Actual Fluency, hosted by Kris Broholm. I’m listening to Episode #45 with guest Robin MacPherson.

The Sketchnotes

Language Learning Tips - actual fluency podcast, verbal to visual - sketchnotes, words, learning method evolution, emotional engagement, french, vocabulary

This podcast is pretty great. It was my first time listening but it won’t be my last.

The notes above are part of the research that I’m doing for a course that I’m building called Learn a New Language With Sketchnotes, in which I will teach folks how to apply the tools of visual note-taking to the task of learning new languages.

Podcast Highlights

Two things stood out for me from this podcast.

First, the importance of emotional engagement and how that pretty much trumps any specific best practice.

So if you’re enjoying the learning process, you’re going to keep doing it, and that’s what matters.

I think that sketchnoting can be a gateway into that emotional engagement. The tools and methods of visual note-taking can make the learning process more fun, and I’m excited to explore the specifics of how to apply those tools to language learning.

The second idea that stood out to me was the simplicity of just getting past that 2,000 word mark. Yes, that’s a large number, but it’s attainable.

It feels a little bit like writing the rough draft of a book (without even worrying about the editing and publishing part). You set a daily word count for yourself, write that much every day, and eventually you’ll have a book. The same goes for learning new vocabulary, and thankfully you can change up the ways in which you learn new words each day.

And that is where sketchnoting can come into play. It’s a dynamic enough tool that it can support that march toward 2k in a variety of ways. So I’m excited to put together some activities that will help with that.

I’m Learning French!

By the way, I don’t think I’ve shared this yet – the new language that I’m going to be learning in conjunction with the course that I’m building is French!

So, Robin, if we happen to cross paths sometime in the future, maybe we can have a conversation in French?

If you too are interested in language learning, be sure to check out the Actual Fluency Podcast.

And here’s where you can learn more about the course that I’m building on sketchnoting and language learning:

Back soon with more nerdy goodness.